Paul Mengert

Paul Mengert is both the President and CEO of Association Management Group. A Carolinas based management company. You need it, they have a service for it. Heavily based in Community projects they are known for services. However Paul Mengert is a community focused leader, whether it be in a personal or professional way he believes in giving back.

In 2014 he was demonstrative in leading the way in a business course for the Harvard School Alumni, similar and based on the Masters of Business Administration Program the Management Development Program allows leaders in business to discuss the pros and cons and the way forward in business, while still giving back to the community. No great business or leader reaches the top without some form of community involvement, great business leaders not only recognise this but they applaud it and give back in many way. This is exactly what Paul Mengert believes, teaches, trains and implements as CEO of Association Management Group.

The Association Management Group is based in Greensboro, however it’s presence is felt strongly in Charlotte and throughout North and South Carolina. Paul has ensured that managers are available through the Management Development Program so that students can be mentored and learn from the values the program upholds. Many major businesses have sent managers through the program with outstanding success and understanding.

True to the giving back nature that Paul Mengert upholds, once all costs are covered any overflow as such is then donated back to the community. One of the easiest ways to be trusted in any walk of live is to not only talk the talk but to walk the walk. Paul Mengert does this extremely well time and time again. This makes him and the Association Management Group the go to company.