Giving All He Has: Paul Mengert and AMG

Paul Mengert

It is difficult to argue the fact that education is a major focus in the life of Paul Mengert, the founder and CEO of AMG (Association Management Group). In the simplest terms, AMG is all about education and training, from top to bottom. This makes sense, since AMG is a management company with a significant emphasis on training homeowner association personnel to serve their client homeowners better. In fact, AMG has developed an extensive internal training program. The classes in AMG’s training are taught by professionals in the industry with wide ranging experience and expertise, including CEO Paul Mengert.

When Mengert created AMG in 1985, he recognized the value of educating and training his staff to deliver the highest quality service to client community associations. In addition to its internal program, Mengert encourages managers and staff to participate in the Professional Management Development Program (PMDP) sponsored by the Community Associations Institute (CAI). Managers are regularly trained on facilities management, communications, leadership, governance, risk management, financial management, ethics, building maintenance, advanced insurance, legal, leadership practices, developer communities and litigation. Many have completed the rigorous curriculum to achieve CAI’s (Community Associations Institute) impressive designations, including: PCAM status (Professional Community Association Manager) as well as the rigorous AMS (Association Management Specialist) and CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations) designations. For more information on CAI, visit

Paul Mengert believes that such a strong emphasis on education and training enables AMG to service its 30,000 property owner and community resident clients most effectively. Satisfaction ratings from client community associations of 98% demonstrate that AMG is creating value for its clients. AMG is a labor of love, but Paul Mengert also appreciates that the organization he founded is today a highly regarded leader in the homeowners association management industry. For more about AMG, visit

An Affinity for Education: Paul Mengert, AMG Founder and CEO

Paul MengertPaul Mengert, Association Management Group founder and CEO, has an affinity for education and value it brings to achieving goals. AMG is a community association management company. It has created an intensive internal training program to ensure team members have the knowledge and skills to assist the company’s client associations in meeting objectives. Paul Mengert’s devotion to education and training is very strong.

He has served on the national senior faculty for the Community Associations Institute (CAI) for years. Paul still teaches classes on homeowner’s association management and administration. These classes are used as continuing education credits by many diverse groups, including the South Carolina Department of Real Estate, the North Carolina Board of Realtors, the California Department of Real Estate, the Florida Bureau of Condominiums, and the Georgia Department of Real Estate.

Paul Mengert extends this specialized education and training to Board members of AMG’s client community associations. These in-person and webinar seminars help these community volunteers be more effective in their roles. For more information on AMG, please visit

Profile: AMG Founder and CEO Paul Mengert

Paul Mengert

AMG Founder and CEO Paul Mengert is an executive committed to his company, his employees, his clients and his community. He founded Association Management Group in 1985 with the goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing the value of client communities. These include homeowner associations, condominium associations, planned unit developments and common interest office communities.

Basically, AMG is a management company with a primary mission of teaching the personnel working at homeowners’ associations how to do their jobs better and more efficiently in a way that provides a better outcome for homeowners. For all intents and purposes, AMG functions as a more compact version of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. It should be, since it was modeled after the MBA program at Harvard Business School, where Paul Mengert is an alumnus.

Put simply, Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, believes that it is vitally important for everyone with the means to do so, to give back to their community in whatever way they can. That can mean giving of yourself personally, or it can mean generating business activity and a larger tax base. That is a primary reason he is now considered a highly regarded leader in the homeowners association management industry nationwide, but primarily in the Carolinas. By employing a great many of instructors for AMG classes who are executives with various companies, serving as managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs, he is building up his community in several ways. Not only is he adding to the Greensboro business climate, but he’s increasing the ability of the community to deal with any situation.